About Us


We offer individuals opportunities to grow healthy food, learn about sustainable gardening and permaculture, and experience diverse cultural activities. 


We envision a thriving Northwoods community, a region of green overflowing gardens and self-reliant people who tend the natural ecosystem, share their skills, and are excited about innovative sustainable practices. 


We are guided by the principles of permaculture to garden in harmony with the natural environment. We learn from the people that came before us and consider the people who will come after us. 

Community: We provide a place for all people to gather, socialize and build relationships.

Education: We share our gifts and talents for gardening with those eager to learn. 

Self-reliance: People enjoy watching something grow and feel pride by providing for themself and family. 

Health: We encourage people to be outdoors and grow their own healthy food.

Stewardship:  We harness the resilient features of natural ecosystems to care for our environment.

Culture: We integrate the intangibles that creates and sustains community in this place. We bring together and celebrate in community gatherings, the arts, and the traditions of many cultures, including those of indigenous nations. 

Collaboration: We partner with organizations such as Northwoods Master Gardeners, ArtStart, Nicolet College, University of Wisconsin Extension, Oneida County Health Department, and local businesses.


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